How to Use WhatsApp for Marketing and Pump Up Sales

Are you trying to take your marketing strategy up a notch? Consider using WhatsApp for Marketing, if you haven’t already done so.


Every business needs an effective way to promote and market its products and services. What better way to boost your company’s marketing strategy than to harness the power of social media?! Say hello to WhatsApp. Faster and more efficient than email, if you use WhatsApp for marketing, you’ll have access to unique avenues which enhance team communications and contribute to higher productivity. It also serves as an affordable substitute for SMS marketing.

WhatsApp for Marketing would provide three options for sending text messages, short videos, audio, or images:

  1. Personal Messaging. Personal messaging is frequently used in peer-to-peer communication but can be quite time-consuming for brands. When used properly, however, it can be effective for personal selling or customer service.
  2. Group Chat. With WhatsApp group chat, an entire list of participants will receive your messages. It is not commonly used in business, since each member can see the reply. Group chat is not recommended for marketing purposes as you can only use this feature with trusted individuals.
  3. Broadcast List. Considered as the most effective feature for marketing, WhatsApp broadcast lists let you send messages to many people at once. The great thing about this is when customers reply, their messages will not be sent to other recipients in the list.

WhatsApp has fueled a major shift in how business operates because it is both affordable and effective. Read on to find out the benefits WhatsApp has to offer.

  1. Private conversations. If you want to steer clear from embarrassing social media banter, you can contact your customers immediately in WhatsApp and have private conversations.
  2. User-friendly features. WhatsApp provides a clean interface and user-friendly  features compared to other social media channels like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. New users can easily learn how to use this platform.
  3. Message Alerts. Customers receive messages via push notification. This leads to a higher engagement as push notifications have greater chances of getting opened. Even if you don’t use email marketing,  there is still a possibility to increase company sales.
  4. Loyal Subscribers. Plenty of brands  use WhatsApp due to   conversion metrics and high traffic. So, expect low opt-outs and more loyal subscribers.
    1. Cost-free. Isn’t it great that WhatsApp can let you send messages to subscribers with no costs? Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have payment features to boost engagement. But with WhatsApp, you can use plenty of features without paying more. increase-sale-with-whataspp-african-social-media

    Given the benefits above, it makes sense that eCommerce business owners use WhatsApp for marketing – it’s a great tool! Here’s how to effectively sell on this platform:

    1. Customer communication. Get 40-50% more response when communicating with customers on WhatsApp. Why? Customers respond to personal messages but are more likely to ignore calls from unknown numbers. Customers also like it when they are approached using informal or conversational language as it sounds relatable and less intimidating.
      PinnacleCart eCommerce enjoys this laidback approach to communication, as well. If you connect with us on WhatsApp, our team will make sure that you can reach out to us anytime you have  questions about our products and services. We guarantee personalized conversations and information is  kept confidential.
    2. Connect with other marketing groups.  Wherever there’s a large audience, there’s a greater chance of boosting your sales. In WhatsApp, you can find plenty of marketing groups. Participate in marketing discussions and connect with people who are interested in your business.
    3. Customer Support. As the WhatsApp user base continues to grow, more and more companies are using it for customer support. If your target audience has a strong presence in WhatsApp, they may prefer to send messages via WhatsApp instead of using tickets or calling a help desk. For smaller companies with manageable customer requests, it’s a great option. If you get thousands of customer calls everyday, however, think otherwise.
    4. Marketing Surveys. Did you know that you can conduct surveys via WhatsApp? When you do surveys,  you collect customer comments and suggestions. This feedback will improve your products and services while allowing you to market to new customers at the same time.
    5. Company Event Promotion. Want to inform your customer base about new events and company conferences? Use WhatsApp! You can quickly inform clients, employees and associates when there are upcoming events and conferences. You can also invite other people by collecting new contacts and sending an invitation message. Keep everybody engaged and excited by posting visual updates with detailed information. You can also include freebies and special discounts for the first few customers who sign up for the event.

    Whether you’re in a startup company or want to up your game in your marketing strategy, WhatsApp provides a lot of advantages that will contribute to the success of your business. It is easy, efficient and powerful. Even if you’re on-the-go, you can access WhatsApp using a smartphone. It provides a marketing opportunity without limitations.
    Are you using WhatsApp for marketing? What other tips can you provide to make the most of WhatsApp? Let us know in the comments below!

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