These Social Media Trends Will Transform Your Business in 2016

Over the course of years, social media trends have changed and transformed businesses worldwide. This time around is no different. With the emergence of new trends in social media landscape, it surely will change the way you work on your business enhancement efforts in 2016. Then what trends are we talking about here?

Social Customer Service

The existence of social media channels has changed the way your company communicates and engages with your prospects and audience. In 2016, social customer service is going to be more demanding than before. Your audience wants to connect with you as soon as possible. On top of that, they need to know that you care for them and listen to whatever it is on their minds immediately. Thus, you better prepare yourself to embrace the change this year.

Live Streaming Video

Due to the popularity of Meerkat and Periscope, live streaming video is predicted to be the next big hit in social media circle. Your audience expects you to not only focus on faster response times, but they also want faster access to real‐time and offline events. That is why live streaming video can be served for this purpose. With live stream, you can reveal more authentic side of your business.

Social Media Ads

You may notice the increase of advertisings on your social media feeds. It indicates that social media ads are really working for your campaign. As opposed to traditional banner ads, social media ads, such as promoted tweets on Twitter or sponsored posts on Facebook, work like regular updates from followers and friends so that they are not disturbing for the eye. Due to that reason, you can expect to see more of social media ads on social media feed this year and next.


You may have already seen social media posts appear in your search result. It is the proof that social content becomes more visible in search results. This year around, you will see more social media channels added to the index, creating the blurry line between web and social media.
Keeping up with latest social media trends will certainly help you enhance your business. Anyway, have you felt their effects on your marketing campaign this year?


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