Benefits of Combining Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing

Many businesses choose inbound marketing methodology over outbound marketing since it costs lower budgets and brings in lots of results. Social media marketing and email marketing are good examples on how inbound marketing can boost your business. They are often treated separately, but if they are combined, it will give great results. Below are the ways how combining social media marketing and email marketing can benefit you.

It Is Effective to Grow More Relationship with Audiences

Lately, social media is getting more and more popular to gain audiences’ attention. It is very useful to create large database of potential customers for your email marketing. Through social media database, you can see the interests of your audiences and you can use this data to make email marketing strategy.

Of course, you do not want your email to be listed as spam by your audiences since the contents are irrelevant to them. Social media database can help you to make right contents for the right person. The marketing will be more focused and bring in a better result.

Remember, timing and contents are very important to generate your social media audiences to be your potential consumers in your email marketing. To get the right time, you can analyze the time your social media get highest responses. Usually, the perfect time for online is during lunch hours, early morning and in the evening.

On the other hand, to get right contents, you can check the social media audiences’ profiles and posts to know their interests. Email also can be used to help promote social media campaigns and vice versa.

It Is Effective to Encourage Discussion

Email marketing gives you opportunity to be more personalized with the social media audiences. But, it is not as easy as social media when you need feedback or ongoing conversation.

This can be solved if you encourage the audiences to share their thoughts or questions on the social media platforms. Or, you can use email newsletter which contains polls and surveys to know the audiences feedback. Make sure you monitor these discussions so you can gain more audiences.

In conclusion, both social media marketing and email marketing work best when they are combined. As parts of inbound marketing methodology, they are very useful to gain audiences and lead them to be potential customers for your business.

Published by Selly Resilia


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