5 Email Marketing Problems to Avoid.

Email marketing is essential to make a successful inbound marketing methodology strategy. If you do it right, you can gain higher traffic to your websites as well as increase your sales. However, there are many problems that could hinder your strategy to work effectively. Therefore, to prevent you from wasting your efforts, the here are some email marketing problems you should avoid.

Overhyped Subject Line

Having an attractive and enticing subject line on your email marketing is really recommended. But, if you make it overhyped, it can degrade your brand integrity. For instance, you make a subject line, “You’re fired”. It will bait audiences to click your email, but it only works well if you make a relevant content with the overhyped subject line. It is because some audiences will assume that they are really fired, but in fact it is only an overhyped subject line of your email content.

Not Linking to Your Website

There is no use for you to use email marketing if you do not link the content of your email to your website. It will only entice your audiences, but it will not increase your website traffic.

Then, at least you should put image links or text links to a dedicated landing page that continues the message within the email. Remember to make your landing page includes the information of your products and what you offer.

Missing Out Any Images and Making A Too Long Texts

One of the best ways to make audiences click and read your email is by feasting their eyes with your visual and informational contents. Make sure you use at least one image inside of each email. Audiences are more likely to click image links to a text links. Besides, keep in mind to make your email content short and simple since shorter email will bait audiences to know more what you offer in the image links or text links.

Now that you know the common problems made on email marketing, make sure you avoid them and do not make the similar mistakes.





Published by Selly Resilia.


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