10 Digital Marketing blessings for your business

Clearly the world of technology and social media is having a significant impact on how we behave socially, act as consumers and how we do business so it could be fair to say that any business that does not adapt to the new era of marketing and communications is in danger of losing out and it is not just about selling online or ecommerce – even if you have a shop or offline business, you need digital marketing to reach customers.

According to a research work carried out by a Content Marketer, Deanna Zaucha the following are what I called the 10 blessings of Digital Marketing to your business :
1. It connects you with customers on internet. 80% of consumers use the internet to make their search for information more convenient; and business owners can reach targeted customers who spend as much as 23% of their online time looking for information.
2. It generate higher conversion rates. Digital marketing increases conversion rates by 24%!
3. Digital Marketing saves you money. 40% of small business owners report saving money with digital marketing as opposed to traditional marketing.
4. Digital marketing enables real-time customer service to generate bigger revenues, retain more customers, and create new satisfied consumers.
5. It connects you to 91% of adults who have their mobile devices close to them and within reach at all times.
6. Digital marketing strategies generate as much as 2.8X better revenue growth for businesses.
7. Employing a digital strategy can improve ROI by up to 300%!
8. It keeps you at par with competitors. Many brands and businesses are ramping up their digital marketing campaigns; don’t get left behind your competitors.
9 Digital marketing can help you compete with large corporations. It levels the playing field and can help your small business function like big business.
10. It prepare you for the internet of things. By the year 2020, there is a projected 26 billion gadgets that will be interconnected in a global online ecosystem – don’t you want to be a part of the “Internet of Things?”


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